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Energy Management Information Solution (EMIS)

Reduce costs and and turn your energy data into actionable knowledge!

Get control of your energy spend with Energent's EMIS platform. Energent’s solution combines the model-based analytics of an Energy Management Information System with expert Energy Analyst services. We understand that managing energy is not an easy task and thus clients turn to us every day for the insight that enables them to make intelligent energy decisions.

“...I’ve always had the philosophy that you can’t manage what you can’t see. The EMIS gives us a clearer understanding of our usage and alerts us when anomalies occur. What we save through the energy monitoring more than covers the cost of the EMIS service.”

- Roger Holliss, Director of Engineering at St. Mary’s General Hospital


Enjoy a one-on-one personalized service


Our expert Energy Analysts are always willing to help you better understand your facilities’ energy use and devise a successful energy management plan.  

Energent first helps you to understand why and how your facility is using energy. With this knowledge, you can better identify the energy conservation measures that will positively impact your energy use and energy budget!  

Designed for your business


Energent frequently works with clients who require custom reporting and processes that integrate with internal systems and auditing needs.

With the powerful Energent EMIS system and dashboard, our energy analysts will assist in maintaining, managing, and improving your facilities’ new energy usage.

Energent has helped over 30 Green Button participants by creating energy models and providing high-value energy analytics based on the Green Button data connectivity standards.

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